What is royalty free music?

Royalty free music (including logos, stingers, and sound effects) are a way of issuing licensing in which you, as the buyer, only pay a fee once and are able to use the file for your commercial purposes indefinitely, and as stipulated in your license agreement. Royalties are payments made to the copyright holder of a piece every-time that piece is played or broadcast. With the royalty-free formula, there is no need to keep track of how many times a piece is being played and there is no need to pay royalties. Buy a license once, and it is for you to use as you wish.

Can I use your music for free?

Yes, you may use our promotional content found in the FREE menu.

You will have to credit the website if you chose to use the music for free. Read more here.

What if I don’t want to write the credits?

You can purchase any license and use the track as you please.

A song on iTunes is much cheaper than what you are selling here!?

Yes, downloading a song on iTunes does not grant you the license to use this song in your own productions, video or broadcasts. For that, you need a license, or you might get a copyright strike on YouTube, for instance.

I bought a license, used it in a YouTube video and got a copy-right strike!

Dispute the claim attaching the license agreement provided with the purchase and the invoice. You will win the claim and the copy-right strike will be gone. Please contact us when this happens. We are the sole owner of the copyright of everything sold on this website, and by purchasing from us you are granted a license to use these items in your project. All the revenue (and, indeed, ad revenue) that you generate with your new creation that uses our items IS FOR YOU TO KEEP. Unfortunately YouTube’s content ID system is still in a developing stage and is very prone to bugs. Moreover, it is a known fact that there is a handful of scam-artist trying to make a profit out of other people’s work. Contact us immediately if this happens. Take a screenshot of the claim so we know who the claimant is and we can escalate the issue to YouTube’s copyright team.

Why are there two option to buy the same song?

These options represent different license options. Read more about the standard license and the professional license here.

I have more questions

Contact us!